Something For Your Earholes – Crobot – “Welcome To Fat City”

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

crobot-welcome-to-fat-cityOH MY!!! It’s been a while but it’s time to bring it back!!!

After hearing about this band on multiple podcast and having a yearning for new music, I gave into my urges and download Crobot’s latest album, “Welcome To Fat City”. For those that don’t know about them, like me until this morning, they are a hard rock four piece band hailing from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Some people compare them to bands like Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age. These guys bring the heavy with some super sweet bass lines, tight riffs, blistering drums and some amazing vocals!

I went into listening to this album without any knowledge of them or any idea of what they may sounds like. I’ve done this same thing with a few bands and was slightly disappointed. NOT THIS TIME!!! I pressed play and a smile grew almost instantly. Their opening track which is also their title track Welcome to Fat City, sets you up for the ride by telling to “Welcome to the city, where all the wrong things are pretty and you ain’t just wasting your time, you can close your eyes and swallow your pride, you can sit back and relax. Welcome to Fat City!” and rightfully so! It’s then followed by another kick ass groovy track titled Play It Cool.

By far, one of my favorite songs is also their lead single called Not For Sale. Not just because it has an awesome but like the majority of the album it has so much energy. While you listen to it you can’t help but bounce, play air guitar and sing along with it! Enough to get me to do something I haven’t fully completed in a couple of years. (I’m talking about my lack of writing for those that are wondering what I’m talking about, lol)

This album is full of awesome! It will hopefully have you hook like it has me!

Here’s a taste of some of the bad assery that is Crobot!

Follow them on their social media, too!

Twitter: @Crobotband



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