#Geek Approved Presents: Q&A With Idaho Green

A few months back I posted a link to a band that I thought not only sounded good, but they were also intriguing. Over the last few months I got to really know each band member pretty well for the most part and decided to interview them. This is not only their first Q & A, but mine as well. I present to you… the first sit down interview with this very unique group. Enjoy!

ICG –  How did you come up with the name “Idaho Green”?

IG – From the pen of O. Henry- “I am going on to tell how how the weather furnished me and Idaho Green with an elegant education” Idaho Green is a character in an O. Henry short story, I’ll try and find it and link it, in essence, he was thus mountaineering badass dude from Idaho and I thought it sounded pretty sick. Plus we needed a band name for a flyer and didn’t have one. Just kinda stuck I guess!

ICG –  How long have you guys been friends?

IG – Jordan and I are brothers, and we met Caleb about 5 years ago. We met Ash through a mutual friend from Montana (plug: Karlie Efinger’s project- ratbath) (Austin)

ICG – How long have you been playing guitar and who were your influences?

IG – I’ve been playing guitar for about 10 years now? As far as guitar influences goes, when I started I was really into noisy but melodic guitar bands, like the white stripes and older black keys/kings of leon stuff, as well as older garage stuff like the sonics and those first four Beatles records. (Austin)

ICG – How long have you been playing drums and who were your influences?

IG – I’ve been hitting stuff in front of people for about eight years, mostly drums. Without enthusiasm I will admit I picked up drumming through late noughties Rock Band sessions comprising mostly classic rock playing. As far as drummers both alive and corpses/ashes I would say Dave Grohl of Nirvana, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Definitely not the ‘hippest’ list but say what you will, they friggin’ rip. (Jordan)

ICG – Being from Montana, What brought you guys to NYC?

IG – New York’s always been the center of it all since the abstract expressionism, punk music, and now globalization. If there’s every going to be a sea change in the world we’ll be right there, our hand on the beating pulse. Plus it’s about as exotic as they come compared to Montana. Growing up in the California suburbs and maturing in countrified Montana, I think New York is a good place to add some urban flavor to my experience of the American mythology. Growing up outside of LA, and going to middle school through college in Montana, New York always seemed like the coolest place. LA seems too manufactured for me, to live in, at least. And Montana is…Montana, of course. So New York was a city that we all could agree to move to. I like New Orleans and Portland a lot, but…it’s not New York. Nothing’s like New York.  (Jordan and Austin)

ICG – Caleb,Why lingerie?

IG – Sometimes, I think people think I’m making a social statement, but truthfully, it’s just a ridiculous thing to wear. I would hope it allows our audience to take themselves less seriously and maybe have more fun. Plus, the french maid just breathes very well. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all! (Caleb)
ICG – Caleb,How long have you been with the band and How do you know the rest of the group?

IG – I’ve been playing in the band for 3.5 years. It’s a little bit funny. Austin left Montana to go to school in Mississippi. I started dating his ex-girlfriend. He returns (and this is before I ever even met him) and I’m convinced that he wants to try to win her back from me. So my first impression was not a good one. One night, our mutual friend and Austin got trashed at the movie theatre and wanted to hang out with me. I reluctantly accept. Within the first two hours of us talking I realize he had no intention of rekindling the flames in-question and asked me straight up to come on tour with Idaho Green. I said something like, “Fuck yeah!”

ICG –  (All) Who writes the music and lyrics?

IG – Musically, it’s collaborative on all of our parts. Typically, Austin or I will have an idea for a song, usually with lyrics, and we’ll work out its structure and nuances as a group.
ICG – Who’s idea about the unique costumes? Is it a mutual thing?

IG – I think the idea to wear costumes was Austin’s, but WHAT we wear is completely up to the individual. A sort of spirit animal. Nobody can tell you who you are.
ICG –  Do you guys inspire each other to be more confident on stage?

IG – Definitely…nothing gives you confidence like seeing caleb’s bare ass on stage.(Austin) For me, at first, that would be a definite yes. I didn’t know how to act on-stage. Now, a couple years down the road, I sort of just get lost in it all when we start playing and don’t think much about how I’m looking or performing. Practicing a lot helps our confidence game, too, I think. (Caleb)
ICG –  Do you guys ever do cover songs?

IG – Oh yeah! Pasco Blues is a cover of our friend Guthrie’s old band that Jordan actually drummed in (plug- Guthrie’s new band- Guthrie Brown and the Family Tree). We do a lot of covers, for Halloween three years ago we did a Chuck Berry cover set, and last Halloween we did a Dead Kennedys set. We know a few Sonics songs and can bs our way through some Big Star songs.

Plug links- rathbath: https://rbath.bandcamp.com/
Guthrie Brown and the Family Tree: http://www.guthriebrownmusic.com/

Thank you Idaho Green for letting me do this sit down interview with you guys! This was fun!

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