Good Games Podcast: Episode 130 – Open to Interpretation

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Frank, Alex, and Khalik ask the important questions; like do people still play KoF XIV online?
They also discover the joy of killing, attempt to unlock the secrets of a successful YouTuber, rediscover a modern classic, contemplate the creepy atmosphere of Playdead’s latest, and experience true love for a video game creature. In news, they talk new tools for Twitch streamers to combat hate, peek at specs for the Nintendo Switch, Street Fighter V changes for season 2, the reveal of an Overwatch character’s sexuality, Nintendo taking the Switch out on a road show, and lots more!!

Full show notes can be found following the link below.


What We’ve Been Playing

Hitman (2016)

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Ori and the Blind Forest


The Last Guardian

[SPOILERS for The Last Guardian end at the (1:31:15) mark]


Twitch’s AutoMod Is Already A Game-Changer, Streamers Say

Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed

Welcome to Season 2 of Street Fighter V!

Tracer is Queer, ‘Overwatch’ Fans Erupt in Excitement

Nintendo Is Taking the Switch on a Preview Tour in 2017



This week’s episode features music from Ori and the Blind Forest
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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