Good Games Podcast: Episode 133 – MAGFest 2017

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Frank and Alex return from their annual mecca to MAGFest and fill us in on what went down. They also catch up on the latest news items, like more game cancellations, the stunning changes in the FGC landscape, release dates for some anticipated titles, nominations from the big awards shows set to happen at this year’s Game Developers Conference, the official announcement of this year’s TwitchCon, and lots more!

Also, as you’ll find out listening to the show, this very podcast is in the running for the 2016 Amateur Podcast Championships! If you like what we do, your help and votes would be very much appreciated, so we humbly ask that you:

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Watch The Weeklong Awesome Games Done Quick Charity Marathon

Echo Fox signs Justin Wong, Momochi, Tokido, Sonic Fox, and MKLeo in stunning FGC move

Injustice 2 gets May release date

Mass Effect: Andromeda lands this March

Inside, Overwatch and Firewatch lead the nominations for the Game Developers Choice Awards

Hyper Light Drifter, Inside and Virginia among nominees for 2017 IGF Awards

TwitchCon 2017 announced for late October



This week’s episode features music from Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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