#GeekApproved Presents: Alter Bridge Rocks the Playstation Theater and Snowy New York City Comes to Life

Alter Bridge rocked the Playstation Theater on February 9th 2017. This was a show that nearly didn’t happen because this just happened to be the day that New York City saw its first snowfall of the year.It was cold and windy, snow blowing all over and it was more like a night to sit inside and watch Netflix, however that didn’t stop NYC Alter Bridge fans from wanting to come out to see their favorite band perform.


There was a lot of energy in the room for this show.The crowd were packed in tight.The fans were screaming and yelling out “Alter Bridge!”multiple times, and all eyes were up front as the house lights dimmed, the humming of the amplifiers grew loud and the band walked on stage 1 member after another.They opened up the show with a song from their latest album “The Last Hero” which got released in October of 2016.The opening song “The Writing on the Wall” only made the fans scream louder.

Alter Bridge played a mix of all 5 albums and with each song the crowd grew happier.These guys really know how to put on a show! A few of the highlights that really stood out to me about this particular concert (Including this one, I have seen them 3 additional times) would have to include them playing the intro to “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd,then Myles Kennedy joking about how they shouldn’t play it as it snowed and their traveling right after. Another would have to be when Myles Kennedy did the robot and which he could break dance. Mark Tremonti really owning the vocals on “Waters Rising” off of their last album titled “Fortress” & of course Myles Kennedy once again singing “Watch Over You” from their second album “Blackbird”. Where on the album the song is full band,in concert it’s just him and a guitar, and a beautiful voice singing this very moving,very deep,very emotional song.

There is so much about this band and even this show I can speak about as I’ve been a fan of them since their debut album in 2004.In fact I’m listening to the new album “The Last Hero” as I ride the NYC subway and type away. If you haven’t listened to this band at all, I suggest giving them a listen.

You can follow Alter Bridge here:


Official Website

Here is the full set list from this concert:
The Writing on the Wall
Come to life
Farther Than the Sun
Addicted to Pain
Ghost of Days Gone by
Cry of Achilles
My Champion
Broken Wings
Ties That Bind
The Last Hero
Waters Rising
Watch Over You
Open Your Eyes
Show Me a Leader
Rise Today

Enjoy the pics!

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