The Barista: Chapter 1

A couple years ago, Charley (@ruperto2106) and I (@MisterJackal) started thinking of different ideas and things that would keep us on our toes. One of these things outside of starting the podcast was to write a story but not just any story; a silly, fun and interesting story. You know something different. After years of writing and stopping and going back and forth, we finally figured that we should just put it out and continue to work on it and see where the story takes us.

We will be posting a chapter a week as well as continuing to write and flesh out the story more and more. We really hope that you enjoy the trip into our weird little brains.

This story and characters are completely fictional. Please let us know what you think! PLEASE! We are dying for some feedback! UUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!! ENJOY!!! 🙂

The Barista

“Wake up, honey!  Time to get up and get ready”.  My eyes slowly open as my ears are greeted to the sound of a shrinking alarm.  The voice telling me to get up already went back to sleep.  Trying to get the extra 5 minutes of whatever dream she just woke up from.  

My eyes scan the room trying to focus.  It’s been three years since Mary and I moved in together.   Thinking to myself, “where did all this stuff come from?”  My eyes scanning the makeup cases piled on the dresser, the closet full of blouses, skirts dresses, creams, brushes… It’s hard to tell where her stuff ended and mine began.  

I turn on the TV in hopes of waking Mary up and dodge the obstacle course of clothes and shoes on the floor and make may way to the bathroom.  Brush my teeth and step into the shower.  As the water pours over my head, I close my eyes, lean forward and begin to think about all I have to do today.

Since starting my advertising job a few months ago, work had been busy and occupied whatever space was left in my mind.  Meeting deadlines, attending meetings with creative and art departments, pitching commercials, my brain was drained.  Having not remembered if I shampooed or not, I do it anyway, and Mary walks in and does her business.  

Still in the shower I realize that my only bright spot of the morning is meeting Dale and grabbing a cup of coffee at one of the countless cafes on my walk from the train station to the office.

Hop out of the shower to find Mary getting dressed and having laid my clothes out for me.  “Thanks Honey” I say as I quickly get dressed.

After trying to quickly catch up on the latest sports stores, Mary and I are out the door and hitting the train together.

Mary works about 5 blocks in the opposite direction from my office so it’s convenient to take the train together.  It also gives us time to catch up with each other.  Considering by the time we get home it’s either late, or she has her face in the work she brings home.  Ah, the life of a lawyer.  It’s not much of a life is it?  I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to overly impress your bosses.  By the time I get home, I just want to throw on the Yankee game, drink a beer, have dinner and sleep.

It’s a vicious cycle that my life has become.  It’s like the instructions of a shampoo bottle. “Wash, rinse, repeat” only in my life it’s become wake, shower, work, come home, eat, sleep, and repeat”. It’s gotten to the point when Mary and I only fuck between the hours of 6-7 on Sunday because there’s nothing good on TV.  

On the train Mary and I talk, steal a kiss, hold hands, she even puts her head on my shoulder to catch up on some sleep.  Breathing her in, I close my eyes…

“Times Square last stop!”

“We’re here already?” I just closed my eyes and I already have to say bye to Mary.  Sucks, but such is life.  We kiss goodbye and head separate ways.  I throw on my headphones and start my walk towards my office knowing half way there Dale will be waiting for me.  Dale works in the building across the street.  We’ve been friends for over 10 years, having met in college, yet I still have no clue as to what the man does for a living.  Just hear stories of the beautiful women that come in and out of his office.

“DALE!!!!!!”  This is how I usually greet him.

“Good Morning, sir!  How are you?”

“Tired, want to go back home”

“Come on, some coffee will do you good”

After walking for a couple of blocks and talking about nothing in particular we stumble upon a café.  The smell of caffeine smacking me in the face as I walk in the door.  

“Damn, another long line.  You would think with a café on practically every corner, it wouldn’t be so crowded.”

“Relax Dale, it’s not we’re in any hurry to get to work”

“This is true”

“Sir… excuse me sir?”

I feel a tap on my shoulder.  I turn and see a lady in front of me, her red hair tied up in a ponytail sticking out of her cap, her eyes hiding under her black frames burning right threw me, her white skin longing for human contact, her lips…

“Damn dude, stop day dreaming and order!”

“Sorry… I’ll have a large iced Americano”

“Ok, and your name sir?”


She smiles and writes my name on the cup, places it at the bar, takes my money, and continues to take orders.  I can’t stop staring at her.   I can’t help but to think how beautiful this woman is.

“You ok, Jeff? You seemed a little star-struck over there.”

“Yeah, I’m cool.  Let’s get going”.

We grab our coffee, head out and walk the remaining blocks on our way to our offices. Dale grabs at my cup.

“What the hell is this?”

“What are you talking about?” Dale shows me what appears to be a smiley face on my cup right under my name.”

“I didn’t get a smiley face.  Why didn’t I get a smiley face?”

“Cause you’re Dale.  Now give me my drink.”

We bid each other a good day and go our separate ways.  Dale takes a few steps, turn around and says, “She was cute wasn’t she? “

I smile, shake my head and walk into the office door.


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