Good Games Podcast: Episode 169 – VR Troopers

Good Games

Frank and Alex share their experiences with the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, tackle Destiny 2‘s very first raid, and dust off the old 3DS to see what’s up with the newest Metroid game. They also discuss the newest Dragon Ball character created for the upcoming game, PUBG continuing to light the gaming world on fire, all the news from last week’s Nintendo Direct, Mario’s nipples, ZOE2 being remastered and playable VR, the possibilities of cross console play, and lots more!

Full show notes can be found following the link below.


What We’ve Been Playing

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Beta)

Destiny 2

Metroid: Samus Returns


Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets An Original Character Named Android 21

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds breaks Steam’s record for most users ever

Mario, Minecraft, and more: All the news from Nintendo Direct September 2017

The new launch dates Nintendo Direct announced today

Zone of the Enders 2 coming to PS4 and PC with VR support

Neko Atsume coming to PlayStation VR

Fortnite briefly features PS4 and Xbox One cross-platform play

Bonus Material

DBFZ ➤ The Best Match You Will See This Weekend!



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This week’s episode features music from Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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