InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 111 – Bananas Are For People Too

Steve (@misterjackal) and Alex (@dinyed) bring on Brian (@bri_2j) to the pod team as their latest third chair! YAY!

This week our geeks spoil Star Wars: The Last Jedi then chat about Black Lightning, Tom Holland making an appearance in Venom, the new Tomb Raider trailer, the return of funny tweets and so much more!!! It also features “Kiss of Death” by Mutoid Man off of their latest release War Moans.

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud / Stitcher Radio / Google Play Music!

Follow along with us below!

Geek Shit

Black Lightning Premiere: Easter Eggs & DC References

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to Appear in Sony’s Venom Movie

The new Tomb Raider trailer!

Funny Tweets

@dailyshow – #FakeNewsAwards postponed due to Stormy weather

@jokesandmemes – Math is a drama queen. It can’t have that many problems.

@jimnorton – Any word on the JFK files being released? I still think it was a suicide.

Purchase Mutoid Man’s latest album War Moans!

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