InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 112 – Duke Poopem

This week our geeks talk about the infamous poop scale, Monique wanting people to boycott Netflix, rumors about the remake of Resident Evil 2, Enzo Amore being fired from the WWE, Black Widow coming to the big screen and so much more poop!!!

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Follow along with us below!

The INFAMOUS poop scale

Geek Shit

Monique Calls for Netflix Boycott Saying They Lowballed Her

Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Coming

WWE Star Enzo Amore Fired

Johansson Speaks Out On Black Widow Movie

Funny Tweets

@StephenAmell – My wife just texted at the insistence of our daughter to let me know that she just coughed and tooted at the same time.

@awkwardposts – right so when squirrels gather loads of food and not come out for weeks it’s ‘normal’ but when i do it it’s ‘antisocial’ oh ok

@DepressedDarth – No matter how bad your life is, just be happy you didn’t burn in lava after getting your legs chopped off by your best friend

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