InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 119 – Toys ‘R’ Us Kids No More


This week our geeks talk about a sequel to Devil’s Rejects coming, pathology of the zombie virus, Toy ‘R’ Us closing its doors, Lost In Space, and so much more. This weeks episode also features music by Light The Torch – “Die Alone”.

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Geeks Shit

Rob Zombie Filming Devil’s Rejects Sequel ‘3 From Hell’

We Need A Talk About the Pathology of the Zombie Virus on “The Walking Dead”

Game Over Toys R Us: Chains US Stores Going Out Of Business

Funny Tweets

@VeryLonelyLuke The 3 Kinds of People I can’t stand:

1) People who turn to the Dark Side

2) People who are tempted by the Dark Side

3) People

@bittergourd – Dog Food Lid spelled backwards is Dildo Of God.

Also… boobytrap partyboob

@Thomasgun – Bandages with Pandas on them should be called Pandages.


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