#GeekApproved Presents: I’m Not Ready To Grow Up,Forever a Toys R Us Kid.

I just wanted to write a little something here. My thoughts about the loss of Toys R Us. This has been something that has been causing me so much grief and sadness,it’s stopped me from being able to write my blogs or even pump out episodes of “Yay Toys Plus!” as easily as I normally do.

This June this Toys R Us kid turns 38 and this will be the first time since I can remember going there,not being able to go. My friend Pixel Dan shared a video about what Toys R Us means to him and his family. That video hit home knowing that when the time comes that my soon to be wife and I start a family,We won’t be able to have our children experience what our generation had.

One of my fondest childhood memories is that of a time where my parents took my sister and I to the store for new bikes. Linda being 3 years older then me got to pick first. I forget what bike she chose, however mine was blue with white tires and training wheels. I remember it was a cool summer day in the 1980’s and living in Brooklyn,N.Y., It was the Bay Parkway location over near the water.

That is just 1 of millions of fond memories of this marvelous toy store. Toys R Us is a name that will forever be a part of me. As I got older and starting to be serious about collecting action figures, I would go to that store every weekend looking for mostly Marvel Legends from Toy Biz. Those were some good times.

Toys R Us was the only job interview in which I played with LEGO. I used to love going to the Times Square location with the gigantic ferris wheel and the T-rex from Jurassic Park roaring away! As I write this blog I’m sitting on a bus headed home from a long work day, rocking out to Myles Kennedy’s new solo album and reflecting about the greatest toy store that I’ve ever know. This album is all about reflection so it makes sense.

Losing this store is worse than when we lost Kaybee Toys about 10 years ago. Every single time I walk by the spot where Kaybee stood tall and proud, I get a little misty and think of the fun I had there as well, Like when Kevin(My younger brother) played “Fade to Black” by Metallica on a guitar that was missing 2 strings. I’m not ready to lose Toys R Us. As an adult collector, and just coming fresh off of New York Toy Fair last February, I saw and heard about a lot of exclusive Marvel Legends to be released. For all the kids that love going to the toy store, stay strong kids! To the Toys R Us family, Thank you for the memories! I will hold them fondly in my heart. Thank you Geoffrey for being there for all of us. This is this Toys R Us kid vowing a promise to all of you out there reading… I WILL NEVER GROW UP, I am forever a Toys R Us kid just like the millions out there! Thank you for the millions of toys that we could play with!

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