InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 120 – WTFlorida Hookerwise Edition

received_10157192058128272.jpegThis week our geeks flush the format and talk about some the craziest stories out of the United States favorite penis, Florida. This week also features music from Soulfly – “The Beautiful People”.

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The 19 Most WTF Florida Stories of 2017 (So Far)

FIU Foot Sniffer

Genitalia-Shaped mailbox in Florida Gives new meaning to junk mail

Florida man who threw live alligator in Wendy’s drive thru allows gator to chomp his arm

Funny Tweets

@itsWillyFerrell – #Oscars won:

Michael Jordan: 0
Kobe Bryant: 1

The debate is finally over.

@jamesGunn – There have been many wonderful dicks attached to very terrible men. So if this was the case we would concede & move on.

That said I imagine Trump’s dick is a more accurate representation of his soul: a dim mini-hedgehog retreating beneath the hood of its own fat, rotting flesh.

@kumailn – Gang what if we get to see Trump’s dick and it turns out he has a really great dick? How do we deal with that?

Purchase Soulfly’s cover of “The Beautiful People”!

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