#GeekApproved Presents: What Happened to the InnerCityGeeks??!!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a little something with you. I know the InnerCityGeeks Podcast has been on hiatus again. Sorry about that. Steve, Alex and myself really miss you guys! We are currently trying to figure out a few things such as schedules and content. I know a lot has been going on in geek culture and we would have loved to report it! Sadly that isn’t the case right now. Steve and Alex have both been very busy in there lives between work and other stuff and as for me,well I was in the middle of planning a wedding. That’s right… I said wedding! I got married just under a month ago. Also started a new job too! I have recorded a ton of “Yay Toys Plus!” since I was last active on here,I just never found the time to add it to the website.  We will return to the podcast as soon as we can. Look at it as if it is your favorite WWE superstar making their long awaited return from an injury or prior obligation. Either way… We’ll definitely see you soon!


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