Good Games Podcast: Episode 209 – Control Issues

Good Games

Alex is joined this week by Marc “Knuckles” Carter to talk about his new gaming show, in addition to his enjoyment of the latest Need for Speed, an issue with a prior recommendation from this very podcast(!), nostalgia of the 8-bit variety, maximizing egg output in the latest clicker game, and the insane depth and complexity of Absolver’s combat system.
They also discuss details on Microsoft’s FastStart technology, the trailer for the Kill la Kill fighting game, Monster Hunter: World making it to PC sooner than anticipated, the revelation that there was no damage indicator in the Uncharted games, Fortnite landmarks spilling over to the real world, and plenty more in this episode!

Don’t forget to keep up with Marc using the links below:

Pass the Controller




MP3 Download


What We’ve Been Playing

Need For Speed Payback

Super Bomberman R

Shadow of the Colossus

Nintendo World Cup

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Egg, Inc




Xbox One update makes it faster to start games as they download

The Kill la Kill Game Sure Looks Nice

Destiny 2 comes to Korean PCs as Destiny: Guardians

Destiny 2 will hit start hitting the reset button more often

Monster Hunter: World comes to PC in August

Did You Know That Uncharted’s Damage Meter Is Actually ‘Luck’?

Fortnite Burger Disappears From Map, Reappears In Real-Life Desert



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This week’s episode features music from Nintendo World Cup
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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