Good Games Podcast: Episode 210 – Keeping It Simple

Good Games

Alex returns with a slew of simpler games to pass the time, like palling around with cute cube versions of his Poké friends, a distillation of the fine art of fighting game neutral, and a parody/love letter to Metal Gear Solid.
He also shares thoughts on the new Steam chat update, another hiccup in the No Man’s Sky saga, balance changes and roster additions for Dragon Ball FighterZ, the Sunday lineup for the upcoming Evo fighting game tournament, Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake, and more!


MP3 Download


What We’ve Been Playing

Pokémon Quest


Never Stop Sneakin’



Steam rolls out new, sleek chat update

No Man’s Sky multiplayer delayed indefinitely for buyers

Next Dragon Ball FighterZ balance patch confirmed for mid-August, will change 24 characters

Game order revealed for the Evo 2018 Sunday finals at the Mandalay Bay Events Center

Nathan Fillion stars as Nathan Drake in Uncharted fan film



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This week’s episode features music from Never Stop Sneakin’
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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