Yay Toys Plus Presents: Fozzy – Wanna Know How I Got These Scarves? Drink it in Maan’


The following happened on April 5th 2018. Since then I married the fiancee & continue to talk to those who witnessed one of the greatest nights I have ever been a part of. This is my Fozzy story. So as Y2J says… ” Drink it in maan’!”

Let me tell you a story. A story that involves not only me, but that of his wife to be and a group of the friends that they made along the way. The night was April 5th 2018. It was a Thursday. The show was Fozzy. It was in NYC at the Gramercy Theatre. Did you ever get to experience a night where not only did you get to go see one of your favorite bands for the fifth time, but got to meet them and have one of the wildest nights in your life? I did and let me share this with you.

I have been a fan of both Chris Jericho and Fozzy for a very long time and I was blown away by the newest addition to their discography. The album is titled “Judas” and it is probably one of the greatest albums of 2017, and certainly one of their greatest albums they have ever written. I could certainly talk Fozzy all day and maybe one day I will. In being a HUGE fan, Meghan(My fiancee) got me not only a ticket for the show, but that of the VIP meet and greet with the entire band. I could not believe how awesome of a gift that was! I kept waiting and waiting until it was eventually show day! I could not believe that I was on my way to the venue to meet my hero, my idol, the reason Bri_2J exists.. Chris Jericho! I get to the venue and as I am waiting to get inside, This couple stands right behind me ask if they were on the right line. I assure them they were and we instantly become friends. I knew they were cool as they were not only Fozzy fans, but that of the WWE! Their names are Justin and Lisa and I was right on that cool factor!

Outside the Fozzy public relations person hands us a poster of the band that would be the item for the band to both personalize and sign. We looked at each other and knew that this was going to be a great time, we had no idea of what would follow hours later! As I’m anxiously waiting to go inside, I snap a pic of the “Fozzy Sold Out” sign and tweet it. Moments later Jericho retweeted my tweet and I knew from that moment that it was going to be a great time! They let us VIP inside and the first thing we experience is that of a 5 song setlist. We were not only blown away by how great they sounded, but we were blown away by Jericho texting and not missing a note. Then an unexpected moment happened… Rich “The Duke of Metal” Ward taps the shoulder of this attendee and we all look like “Whoa!”. He too played without missing a note while being a part of a selfie and messing with all of us including myself and Justin and Lisa. What we didn’t know is that Jericho had a plan. The plan was to google “Famous people from NY”. His choices were that of Lindsay Lohan or the late great Joan Rivers! He of course chose the wiser choice…

The choice was that of Joan Rivers and he said “When you here me yell out Joan Rivers later on tonight get extra loud!” After the mini VIP concert was over, we all lined up to meet the band. My new friends were in front of me and we all shared the look of “Here we go!!”. I get up to the table and the first one I meet was Paul Di Leo who is the bass guitarist. He greeted me with such a smile as he was not only thrilled to have a sold out show, but that of a really awesome group of fans. He asked me my name and if that was my first Fozzy show. I said “Nope, this is show number 5!” They called me a veteran and then I blew their minds when I told them this. I told them that I have been a fan since 2001 when I saw them live at a venue in NYC called “The World” Now before I give you their reaction, let me tell you about this venue. The World sat in Times Square on the corner of 42nd street and Broadway. It is where the world renowned Hard Rock Cafe lives now. It lived underneath a little place us WWE fans miss called “WWF NY”. WWF NY had their retail spot which sold all the WWEShop.com merchandise & had a restaurant on the lower level. When the restaurant would close, a club would open. That club had quite the number of famous bands in the metal scene perform. In fact, my very first show at that venue was that of Iced Earth during the Something Wicked This May Come tour.

So here was Fozzy’s reaction… “OMG THE WORLD!” After meeting Paul I met their drummer Frank Fontsere (Who was sporting the Stone Cold Steve Austin look),followed by a Billy Grey who plays rhythm guitar as well as covers background vocals. Next up was The Duke of Metal himself Rich Ward and of course the one and only Chris Jericho! The entire band was as humble as I could have hoped for! When I got to Chris Jericho, I immediately thanked him for the retweet and told him my Twitter handle. He chuckled. I then said to him that I’d of missed this show had it not of been for my fiance Meghan. He asked if I was Brian with an I or a Y and I said “I”. He also told me that Meghan sounds like a real keeper. I agreed and then I got my picture with the band.

Meghan met me at the venue,we walked inside and got our drinks and before you know it,this random German guy joined us at our table. His exact words in which brought us together… “Fucking Fozzy!”. After hanging with him for a few minutes,the 3 of us walked upstairs to the stage and just started enjoying ourselves. After the 3 opening acts that played finally ended(they were supposed to be 4 but 1 broke up mid tour), it was Fozzy time!

The venue went dark,the room was full of cheers. Then the infamous sparkling light up jacket appeared on the stage and the man himself appeared dawning his trademark scarf! The band started with the title track “Judas” which is the title track of the album. This was the first song that Fozzy released off of the album. The fans(including myself) went absolutely insane and sang along. To be 100 percent honest with all of you,there was a lot of drinks that night along with a lot of new friends to come out of that evening. Most in which tagged along afterwards for what was supposed to be a final round.

What? You thought the night was over? Nope!! The night in fact got a bit crazier! After the show, Meghan, Justin and his girlfriend Lisa, Logan, Omar and Andrew and myself all walked over to the bar above the Freehand hotel to unwind and talk about how great the show was as well as get to talk to each other and get to know one other. As good as idea as that sounded because of how many drinks we had that night as well as how exhausted we knew we would be the next day, we didn’t care as the night was just something that special! Just about when we all paid for our individual tabs,The man himself, Y2J Chris Jericho walks into the bar with a few of his people. My jaw drops as I did not expect this AT ALL!

His group sat behind us and to the left. I don’t get starstruck often as I used to work shows and meet famous people all the time, however this was the man that I have idolized since he first showed us the list of 1,001 holds! I have been a Fozzy fan since the very first album. I have seen them multiple times. I am now as much as I ever was a Jericholic! So as one would expect, that night was somewhat a blur as there were a lot of drinks involved throughout the night. So from what I can remember, I turned my head over to Omar and Andrew to ask something & they looked at me and said “Logan is at Jericho’s table!!”. I start laughing out loud and turn over to show Meghan. She isn’t sitting next to me. She… sigh… winds up sitting at Jericho’s table as well. I was not only embarrassed,but nervous! I know exactly why she did it though. She did it to get me to meet him in a non paid version of a meet and greet. So now that Meghan is at my heroes table, I am forced to go over and grab her.

Here I am face to face with this idol of mine, this hero of mine, this performer I have watched several times before whether he was singing or wrestling! First thing I said to him was how much tonight meant to me. How awesome of a show it was! Just as he was thanking me, I said “Hey Chris, I am sorry for this intrusion & as he could have guessed.. This was the keeper.” He chuckled and said “No problem!” So again I am sorry for the mild blur. I slightly recall going back to our table though and here is the clearest part of it all… As Jericho left the bar, he turned to Meghan and I and with 100 percent sincerity said to us ” Guys, seriously.. congrats on the upcoming wedding.”

This was Fozzy night. I am sorry this blog took so long to write. I want to give a special shoutout to all my new friends. Justin,Lisa,Andre(Sorry you missed it),Logan,Omar,Andrew! Thank you guys for being a part of this epic journey! You will never be forgotten as you are now part of my circle! To my wife Meghan.. I know that when you bought these tickets, you didn’t expect the outcome of the evening! Thank you for this as well as sacrificing sleep that night. I know the next day was rough!

If you want to hear the audio of this night, check out the InnerCityGeeks Podcast lost tape that was published on Thursday!

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