Good Games Podcast: Episode 214 – Endgame Scenarios

Good Games

Alex returns from a brief hiatus, only to go on a longer hiatus. In the meantime, here’s another episode talking about the latest expansion to Destiny 2, his continuing adventures in Monster Hunter: World, and the exhilaration (and nitpicks) of Marvel’s Spider-Man.
There’s also talk about the abrupt mass layoffs at Telltale Games, improvements to PlayStation Now, Sony’s answer to the Nintendo Classic, the first step to open cross-play across all systems, and more!


MP3 Download


What We’ve Been Playing

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Monster Hunter: World

Marvel’s Spider-Man



Telltale Employees Left Stunned By Company Closure, No Severance

PlayStation Now offers downloading of PS4, PS2 games

Sony Just Announced The $100 PlayStation Classic Console

Cloud Saves Will Last Six Months After A Switch Online Subscription Ends

Sony Is Finally Allowing Cross-Play On The PS4



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This week’s episode features music from The Walking Dead: Season One
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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