InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 131 – Tangents Like A MF

received_10157192058128272.jpegThis week our geeks chat about Netflix cancellations, a Superman show possibly joining the CW line-up, Power Ranger lingerie, and so much more!!! BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY SO MUCH MORE!!!

This episode also features music from Avatar – “Vultures Fly”!

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud / Stitcher / Google Play Music!

Follow along with the show below!

Geeks Shit

Netflix Cancels Orange Is The New Black Season 7

Superman TV Show Reportedly In Development At The CW

Power Rangers Get A Lingerie Line

Funny Tweets


Scientists are concerned the legalization of marijuana in Canada may result in an entire nation of overly friendly and polite people.


I was just the victim of identity theft, but when the thief realized who it was, said, “Actually I’m good.”

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