#GeekApproved Presents: Excelsior… The Word That Changed Our Lives & Created a Legacy!


Here are just some thoughts that I felt like I needed to post today. The following was written earlier on my “Yay Toys Plus!” official Facebook page:

“I was all set to start recording today and then I got the text from Manny saying “He’s gone.” I need time to wrap my head around this. I have a few figures from the trip to California as well as the NYCC 5 Ronin Wolverine that I received Thursday as a gift from a friend. I do have some channel changes coming up that I have been toying around with (No pun intended). I just want to say “Thank you!” to Stan Lee for all the wonderful years of magic that you have created. Without you sir, there would be no me. You without ever knowing me, created me. Without you Stan, I would not be the collector that I am today. I would never have been part of the InnerCityGeeks family and I certainly would have never branded out and started my own review channel. You sir gave us all many years of fond memories that my friends(Who undoubtedly have also created and set on their right paths), will cherish and share with their families and so on! So again I say “Thank you!” #Excelsior “So that was the news of the day. We lost the most iconic name in comics. It’s honestly going to be weird knowing that we will no longer get that surprise cameo in the MCU. We have watched Stan Lee appear in Marvel films whether Fox,Sony or Marvel properties for nearly 2 decades! We first got to see him in 2000 when X-Men hit theaters. From there  we have seen him appear in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man franchise and of course in the MCU as just a ton of random pop up characters that made us laugh and will forever make us laugh. Anyone ever spot the cameos he made in the Netflix Marvel shows? I won’t spoil it here in case you have not! Stan was also in Big Hero 6 as the father of T.J. Miller’s character. Stan Lee was 95 years old. That’s a really long life if you think on it. I know it is sad that he’s gone, but we need to stay strong! He may be physically gone, but he created a world that will live on in our hearts forever! We get to read magical stories week after week because this guy had a vision all those years ago. We get to watch super hero films and television shows of some of those characters created because of Stan Lee! My favorite Marvel comics superhero is Spider-Man & when Insomniac Games announced a Spider-Man game I was beyond thrilled! The part that really surprised me was when he popped up as an animated version of himself. Random thought… Does anyone remember the TV show “Stan Lee’s Super-humans”? Don’t know why I just happen to bring that up.  I think that is because that is the first time I recall seeing him on TV.Just like all of you, I am saddened by this loss. When the MCU cameos stop, it will definitely feel real to us here at the InnerCityGeeks since right now I am sure it doesn’t feel that way to you guys either. Let’s all gather around our apartments, houses, comic stores or computers and read some of the greatest stories ever written(as well as the not so great ones) and continue to celebrate his legacy! #KeepItExcelsior 

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