New York Toy Fair 2019 Day 1 Recap Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective

Hey all! I just wanted to share a quick recap about what’s been going on here at New York Toy Fair 2019! After waking up pumped and excited as if I were a kid on Christmas morning, I hopped out of bed and on a train to get to my first appointment. The appointment was at Mezco Toyz to see the reveals that had been teased over the last few weeks.

What a display!!! They unveiled some really sweet looking pieces such as 2 versions of Batman(One in which was 1989 movie version!!!!) They showed a brand new non movie Wonder Woman with removable armor, Captain Marvel, Hellboy from the upcoming feature film starring David Harbour from Stranger Things, a creature from the movie “They Live”, Michael Myers from Halloween 2 which shows him all damaged from Dr. Loomis, Freddy Krueger, as well as a ton more figures. Some in which have been out,some we’ve seen in the past and some which since only 2018.

After being in shock and awe, I got my goodie bag containing Blade & Agent Gomez which is a take on their mascot. Blade contains 4 sets(2 with hair, 2 of heads that are similar to the Marvel Legends version from 2017, 8 pairs of sunglasses(4 red lense & 4 black lense), 6 stakes, 2 swords with 2 sheathes, a pistol that has the slide feature which hasn’t been seen since Punisher, shotgun and machine gun and also 8 hands total.

Agent Gomez is something special. He comes with 3 alternative heads, multiple hands, a collapsible sniper rifle, a boombox that opens up to reveal it’s an attache case, 2 foam pieces that are to hold the rifle set up or the grenades and pistol, a leather like trench that can be fit over the suit jacket and decals to customize your boombox attache.

These are 2 of the greatest figures in their line so far and if they keep it up, they’ll be on top for sure! Both these figures have incredible ankle pivot which is key to proper posing. Blade is a step above the rest for a “Super Hero” body, however Agent Gomez is something brand new. He has a really posable body including double elbow joints and incredible waist articulation and ab crunch.

Here are the pics from the Mezco booth:


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