New York Toy Fair 2019 – Day 1: NECA Toys

If you guys have been collecting super highly sculpted figures such as the recently rereleased version of the TMNT from the original 1990’s movie, then you know who I’m about to talk about… Yup, you guessed correctly… Here is my recap & review of NECA Toys from New York Toy Fair 2019!

This was my second pit stop of the day. I was excited to see what “plastic crack” are they going to show us this year? [Editor’s Note: The term “plastic crack” is a term used to describe really incredible looking action figures that we must own ALL of.] I saw all sorts of great figured! The newest items included Scott Ian from Anthrax only available on his official website, The Golden Girls, with Sophia coming complete with cheesecake, Bob Ross (my personal favorite!), the Karate Kid and Johnny, 2 versions of Vic from Megadeth: Peace Sells and Dystopia, and Ace Ventura, including all his animal friends and a life-like business card for you to carry around in case of animal emergency!

Next up NECA had some really nice looking Alien and Predator setups. They are finishing up a final wave for the old school video game line. We were able to see some Emissary versions m from a deleted scene to the latest Predator film as well as a NECA original design loosely based off of an old script that was scrapped, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme as the original actor chosen to don the Predator suit.

I continued on down the aisle to the horror section which contained the recently released Michael Myers from the 2018 movie, a new semi-taller version in a cloth jumper, as well as the trick-or-treaters from Halloween III: Season of the Witch, creatures from The Nun and The Conjuring as well as many variations of Pennywise from both the 1980’s version of the film starring Tim Curry and the 2017 version starring Bill Skarsgård. They also had 2 variations of Chucky from Child’s Play: Chucky in his “Good Guy Dolls” box & the stapled together version. The later being in a 2 pack from Bride of Chucky & the couple from They Live.

Next up… Gremlins of all shapes and sizes! Apparently these guys were fed after midnight! The sculpt on these figures are flawless and look as if each were a part of either movie! Though, I think the primary sculpts were that of Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The coolest one was “Gamer Gremlin” which will be exclusive to Gamestop…

But wait, there’s more! The moment everyone has been waiting for… The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series 2 packs! First off, let me just say once again.. these look like they jumped right off the animators pages! Each 2 pack will have 1 turtle facing off 1 villain. Michelangelo & Raphael each face off against a member of the Foot Clan, Leonard battles the Shredder and Donatello is up against Krang. These figured look really cool, but the the prototypes of Bebop & Rocksteady were by far the winners of the wave! All will be exclusive to Target retailers, however in store items only… Looks like the chase is on!!

NECA has definitely been nothing short of amazing this year, and I feel like that if they keep going the route that they are, we’re in for some big surprises! Thank you to both Randy & the entire NECA team for allowing me to see these really awesome looking action figures that I’ll need to add to my ever growing collection.



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