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InnerCityGeeks Presents: Solo: A Star Wars Story – Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone,

For a while I know we were all getting worried about this Han Solo movie not having a trailer. We finally after months of waiting got a full length teaser. Here is your first official trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story


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#GeekApproved Presents… Greg Oliveras – The Well

Hey Everyone,

A few years ago Steven,Alex F. ,Khalik and myself all worked in the same building in East Midtown Manhattan. During that time frame we got to know a co-worker of theirs (I was building security & the 4 of them worked in the same company). His name is Greg Oliveras. We would poke fun at him for laughs and of course with him being in on the joke at all times. Greg left that company a few months after we all worked together because he had a dream and that was music.

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#GeekApproved Presents: Weekly Geekly Update

Hey Everyone,

With New York Comic Con 2016 right around the corner, We here at are super stoked and super busy in preparation for the con! I know all you geeks out there look forward to Comics con Sabor,Anime World,”Yay Toys!”& Manga Time as part of your weekly geekly. We will definitely have some treats for you as we post first looks from NYCC! We thank you for your ongoing support of and we will see you at the con!!!


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#Geek Approved Presents: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Cover by Shartimus Prime

Hey everyone,

Were you as big of a fan as I was as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song?? If you were I would like for you to check out this incredible cover to the song. My friend Shartimus Prime impresses all of his fans with this epic drum addition to this classic theme song! Enjoy! ~Bri_2J~

You can follow him here for more Shartimus Prime Action Figure Reviews:
Russology Vlogs
ShartimusPrime Action Figure Reviews


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#GeekApproved Presents: “Yay Toys!” The Movement?!

Hey Everyone,

A few weeks back when I posted episode 21 of “Yay Toys!” I made a promise that I would keep on pumping out videos week after week. Let’s just say I am making good on that promise! Over the last few days I have not only bought a bunch of stuff to review, I also finished recording 10 weeks worth of material for all you geeks out there! From this moment I present to you… The #YayToys movement! More shortly… #ScreamYayToys #ToyTuesday  ~Bri_2J~

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#GeekApproved Presents: For The Champ

Float like a butterfly,
Sting like a bee,
No one was a great as Muhammed Ali.
He swung with the left,
He swung with a right,
He got sideline by illness however continued to fight!
Whether called Ali or Cassius Clay,
He always made the enemy pay.
He inspired many to always be great,
He never understood the meaning of the word “Hate”.
We will miss you champ,
To your fans you’re forever a legend,a champion and a leader,
No one will ever top you……. I cannot think of a rhyme to close this as this death saddens me too much to finish….
Muhammed Ali.. You will always live on in the hearts of those you inspired! You will be missed greatly!


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American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Monsters Among Us” – TV Review

american-horror-story-freak-show-posterby: Steve (@misterjackal)

Last night was the first episode of what could possibly be the creepiest seasons of American Horror Story yet. I’ve been a big fan since the first season and was excited once I knew that the show was going to be tackling on of the most gag and fear inducing places for lots of people, the freak show.
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Gotham – Pilot (TV Review)

by: Katie (@ovarianloop)


That’s enough to grab your attention right?

Good. That’s all it took to get my attention MONTHS ago when I stumbled upon the set for the show. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be sitting at home watching the pilot and seeing the final cuts of what i saw being filmed. It’s also super amazing that my city is now, pretty much, Gotham City. Continue reading

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Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark – Reviewed

by: Frank (@FFMXero)


So, I went to see Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark back in January. It was Spider-Man on Broadway! I couldn’t miss this chance and it was also ending its run in New York and moving to Las Vegas. I made the necessary plans and took the trip out to NYC to see the show. I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of Broadway but every show that I have seen on Broadway, was very good. That being said I was expecting absolute poop on a stick, but, there hasn’t been another comic book character that has had the  musical treatment so, I said what the hell and resigned myself to watching it. I will say after seeing it and it being a few months later at the time of writing this, that, it was better than I thought it was going to be. Continue reading

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