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“Yay Toys!” Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective – DareDevil

Hey Everyone! Here is my review of the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective – DareDevil figure20170417_141542.jpg

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#GeekApproved Presents: Thor Ragnarok – First Look

This looks like it could be the best one yet! Enjoy!

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#GeekApproved Presents: Dream Big! My New York Toy Fair 2017 Experience

Where the month of February means the season of love for some and the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead for others, it’s a different kind of special season for geeks that do toy reviews or write about it for websites. It is called “New York Toy Fair”, a private event held annually, a seller’s opportunity to showcase all the new kinds of toys to buyers in the market of purchasing those items that all the geek girls and boys enjoy. This event allows press and media coverage to a limited extent. And I, your friendly, everyday nerd was fortunate enough to get a press pass this year and see for myself what this elite club was all about.
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#GeekApproved Presents: Alter Bridge Rocks the Playstation Theater and Snowy New York City Comes to Life

Alter Bridge rocked the Playstation Theater on February 9th 2017. This was a show that nearly didn’t happen because this just happened to be the day that New York City saw its first snowfall of the year.It was cold and windy, snow blowing all over and it was more like a night to sit inside and watch Netflix, however that didn’t stop NYC Alter Bridge fans from wanting to come out to see their favorite band perform. Continue reading

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#GeekApproved Presents… Greg Oliveras – The Well

Hey Everyone,

A few years ago Steven,Alex F. ,Khalik and myself all worked in the same building in East Midtown Manhattan. During that time frame we got to know a co-worker of theirs (I was building security & the 4 of them worked in the same company). His name is Greg Oliveras. We would poke fun at him for laughs and of course with him being in on the joke at all times. Greg left that company a few months after we all worked together because he had a dream and that was music.

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#GeekApproved Presents:Spider-Man Homecoming!!!!

What did you guys think of the trailer??? OMG!!! This trailer was amazing and we here at cannot stop watching it!!! Nice Disney plug btw…. You’ll see! Enjoy!


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#GeekApproved Presents: Metallica… A Deconstruction of Self – Destruction…


When I first heard that they were releasing new material I have to admit that I was a skeptic just like the rest of their fans. The reasons being… the last 2 albums (Some Kind of Monster from 2003 & Death Magnetic 2008) were okay yet not what we expected at all. In 2012 they released a 4 track EP called “Beyond Magnetic” which was a step up from the initial “Death Magnetic”(In my personal opinion those 4 tracks fit better on Death Magnetic). Over the last few months Metallica surprised us with the title track single “Hardwired… To Self Destruct”. Continue reading

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#Geek Approved Presents: Q&A With Idaho Green

A few months back I posted a link to a band that I thought not only sounded good, but they were also intriguing. Over the last few months I got to really know each band member pretty well for the most part and decided to interview them. This is not only their first Q & A, but mine as well. I present to you… the first sit down interview with this very unique group. Enjoy! Continue reading

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#GeekApproved Presents: Weekly Geekly Update

Hey Everyone,

With New York Comic Con 2016 right around the corner, We here at are super stoked and super busy in preparation for the con! I know all you geeks out there look forward to Comics con Sabor,Anime World,”Yay Toys!”& Manga Time as part of your weekly geekly. We will definitely have some treats for you as we post first looks from NYCC! We thank you for your ongoing support of and we will see you at the con!!!


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#Geek Approved Presents: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Cover by Shartimus Prime

Hey everyone,

Were you as big of a fan as I was as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song?? If you were I would like for you to check out this incredible cover to the song. My friend Shartimus Prime impresses all of his fans with this epic drum addition to this classic theme song! Enjoy! ~Bri_2J~

You can follow him here for more Shartimus Prime Action Figure Reviews:
Russology Vlogs
ShartimusPrime Action Figure Reviews


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