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#GeekApproved Presents: Alter Bridge Rocks the Playstation Theater and Snowy New York City Comes to Life

Alter Bridge rocked the Playstation Theater on February 9th 2017. This was a show that nearly didn’t happen because this just happened to be the day that New York City saw its first snowfall of the year.It was cold and windy, snow blowing all over and it was more like a night to sit inside and watch Netflix, however that didn’t stop NYC Alter Bridge fans from wanting to come out to see their favorite band perform. Continue reading


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#GeekApproved Presents… Greg Oliveras – The Well

Hey Everyone,

A few years ago Steven,Alex F. ,Khalik and myself all worked in the same building in East Midtown Manhattan. During that time frame we got to know a co-worker of theirs (I was building security & the 4 of them worked in the same company). His name is Greg Oliveras. We would poke fun at him for laughs and of course with him being in on the joke at all times. Greg left that company a few months after we all worked together because he had a dream and that was music.

Continue reading

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#GeekApproved Presents: Metallica… A Deconstruction of Self – Destruction…


When I first heard that they were releasing new material I have to admit that I was a skeptic just like the rest of their fans. The reasons being… the last 2 albums (Some Kind of Monster from 2003 & Death Magnetic 2008) were okay yet not what we expected at all. In 2012 they released a 4 track EP called “Beyond Magnetic” which was a step up from the initial “Death Magnetic”(In my personal opinion those 4 tracks fit better on Death Magnetic). Over the last few months Metallica surprised us with the title track single “Hardwired… To Self Destruct”. Continue reading

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Something For Your Earholes – Crobot – “Welcome To Fat City”

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

crobot-welcome-to-fat-cityOH MY!!! It’s been a while but it’s time to bring it back!!!

After hearing about this band on multiple podcast and having a yearning for new music, I gave into my urges and download Crobot’s latest album, “Welcome To Fat City”. For those that don’t know about them, like me until this morning, they are a hard rock four piece band hailing from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Some people compare them to bands like Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age. These guys bring the heavy with some super sweet bass lines, tight riffs, blistering drums and some amazing vocals!

I went into listening to this album without any knowledge of them or any idea of what they may sounds like. I’ve done this same thing with a few bands and was slightly disappointed. NOT THIS TIME!!! I pressed play and a smile grew almost instantly. Their opening track which is also their title track Welcome to Fat City, sets you up for the ride by telling to “Welcome to the city, where all the wrong things are pretty and you ain’t just wasting your time, you can close your eyes and swallow your pride, you can sit back and relax. Welcome to Fat City!” and rightfully so! It’s then followed by another kick ass groovy track titled Play It Cool.

By far, one of my favorite songs is also their lead single called Not For Sale. Not just because it has an awesome but like the majority of the album it has so much energy. While you listen to it you can’t help but bounce, play air guitar and sing along with it! Enough to get me to do something I haven’t fully completed in a couple of years. (I’m talking about my lack of writing for those that are wondering what I’m talking about, lol)

This album is full of awesome! It will hopefully have you hook like it has me!

Here’s a taste of some of the bad assery that is Crobot!

Follow them on their social media, too!

Twitter: @Crobotband



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#Geek Approved Presents: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Cover by Shartimus Prime

Hey everyone,

Were you as big of a fan as I was as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song?? If you were I would like for you to check out this incredible cover to the song. My friend Shartimus Prime impresses all of his fans with this epic drum addition to this classic theme song! Enjoy! ~Bri_2J~

You can follow him here for more Shartimus Prime Action Figure Reviews:
Russology Vlogs
ShartimusPrime Action Figure Reviews


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#GeekApproved Presents: Idaho Green (Teaser)

Hey Everyone,

So the other night I decided I should see my friends band play…

After their set was over I decided to sit down with them and give a Q & A with the band. Here is a tease of “Idaho Green”. The Q & A will be up within the week. Enjoy the video! ~Bri_2J~

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Something For Your Earholes – Soapbox Army – Maps

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Maps, the new EP from NYC based band was released on Tuesday, September 23 to great anticipation as our last conversation with lead singer and guitarist Dan Tucker and drummer Simon Fishburn (Episode 76 of the InnerCityGeeks Podcast) left us wanting more and wondering when we would be able to hear these new tunes.

Well now we know why we had to wait. It takes time and patience to create a masterpiece. That’s exactly what we have here. Each of the 4 songs on this EP is a work of musical art in its own right. Each track is a bonafide hit. Maps also makes the bands first recording with their current line-up and first recording with new bassist Matt Basile. It’s this new lineup that gives the band the best sounding and best music released to date. Continue reading

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Something For Your Earholes – The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

Gaslight_Anthem_Get_HurtAbout a month ago, I heard the news that The Gaslight Anthem was releasing a brand new album titled Get Hurt when they released the video for lead single “Rollin’ and Tumblin”. I was instantly hooked and greatly anticipated the release. This New Jersey rock band has released some great records and the past and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with this new release. Continue reading

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Something For Your Earholes – Mastodon – “Once More ‘Round The Sun”


Reviewed by Rene (@darthbx)


I’m old. I’m one of those old farts that has seen tons of shows in places that don’t exist anymore. I have heard and seen so many heavy metal bands come and go. Some were great and burned out fast (any band out of New York from the 2000’s). Some are still around and have lost their ways musically and are just not the same great bands they used to be (Metallica, Megadeth). Some were just awful to begin with (Coheed & Cambria and their ridiculously afroed singer). You also have the rare bands that started great and stayed great. For me, the band that personifies that “start great, stay great” mentality is Mastodon.

Mastodon is one of those bands that came out of nowhere right around the beginning of the new century. They took their Southern rock (Creedence, The Eagles, Black Crowes) influence and mixed it with their version of prog rock (think Rush but good.) and brought a new sound to metal that was part thrash metal, part stoner rock and all awesome.  From their first ep, Lifesblood released in 2000, until now with, Once More, Mastodon has consistently created some amazing heavy metal music. They are one of the few bands, I think, that have yet to release a bad album. That’s unheard of now in heavy metal. They are so good that after I was first introduced to them from listening to their second album, Leviathan, a concept album based on Moby Dick, I went and read Moby Dick again. They are that good. Continue reading

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Something For Your Earholes – Cover Songs!!!

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

We all have our favorite songs.  However, what happens when that song is done by another artist or band? Do they do the original song and artist/band justice? Or do they just make a mockery of it? Some covers are truly unique and better than the original. Some sound exactly the same. I have given it some thought about my favorite cover songs and here it is! Continue reading

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