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Good Games Podcast: Episode 142 – PAX East 2017

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Frank and Alex enjoyed a great trip to PAX East this year and got to tell Khalik all about it!
They recount all the great games they got to play, the overall PAX experience from both a newcomer and veteran perspective, and the ever present pull of Breath of the Wild.
They also go over the news happening in the games world, such as the continuing legal saga between Oculus and Zenimax, Nintendo selling a decent amount of new hardware, the PlayStation Now service conveniently getting PS4 titles, the pop-off heard ’round the world from this weekend’s Final Round tournament, and much more!

Full show notes can be found following the link below.

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by: Alex (@alexnz)
I know what you’re going to say; “Wasn’t PAX like 2 weeks ago?”¬†And you know what? You’re absolutely right, but let’s forget about all that for now.
For those that don’t know, PAX is an annual expo run by the good folks at Penny Arcade. Currently they have two shows; PAX Prime which takes place towards the end of summer in Seattle, and PAX East in Boston at the beginning of spring.
PAX is unique among video game conventions in that they really cater to the gamers instead of trying to create press. If you’re looking for a place to geek out with like-minded folk, this is the place. Continue reading

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